Banana Graffiti..

Welcome back Hendrix…

And I present to you.. Banana Graffiti. “Marta Grossi eats her art for breakfast” – Hendrix prefers afternoon Banana Graffiti, but each to their own… Images via Design Boom  (New fave site, check it.) 


Warning: Nike loving ahead..

Hendrix loves a trendy workspace, and Nike UK has outdone themselves, courtesy of Rosie Lee Design. Images and an awesome video (watch if you have a minute or 2) via SneakerFreaker  – Spread across 3 floors, and featuring graphic artwork inspired by the Brand’s iconic range, it certainly doesn’t seem like a boring place to hang out in  work….

Moose Heads.

Spent the morning in the BEST antique / retro store this morning – Woolloongabba Antique Centre for those playing along at home – where my vegetarian bestie took a particular liking to a giant moose head… Oxy.Moron? It amused me anyway, but I thought maybe one of these would be more appropriate? Plus Boris (I imagine that was his name) had a hefty price tag attached… This one is a bargain!

Faux moose head – vegetarian friendly.

Find Boris’ Pink Buddy here WhiteFaux Taxidermy